Psst! Have you read my "other" blog?

Every so often, novice screenwriters contact me, asking such questions as,

"Is it absolutely necessary that I write out an outline for my screenplay?"
"What's a treatment?"
"Which is best: WGA registration or Library of Congress copyright?"
"How can I get an agent?"
"Should enter a screenwriting competition?"
"Should I take my story to a pitchfest?"
"Should I option my script...for a dollar?"
"I'm an older guy. Should I even try to break into the screenwriting game?"

Well, the questions are, it seems, endless. I usually direct these folks to my "other" blog, The Working Screenwriter 2, which is where they'll find answers to many of the big "need to know" questions. They'll also find plenty of solid advice, how-to tips, as well as my very popular "Fatal Flaws" section, which points out many of the blunders most novice writers make.

So whether you're writing your first screenplay or your fifth screenplay, you'll want to pay a visit to The Working Screenwriter 2!

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