Good meeting...

I had a good meeting yesterday with two producers and a director (who also happens to be an actor, one that I’m sure many of you know). Everyone agrees that I’ve got a solid, unique script. Now, this is not to say that the script doesn’t need a bit of work (get used to it, boys and girls— scripts always need a modicum of work before they’re ready to go before a camera), but the general consensus is that I’ve already got something special in those 100 pages. OK, so this director, a very passionate, creative fella, spitballed some of his ideas. The two producers and I liked much of what he suggested and feel that, yes, some of those ideas could very well bump the marketability level up a couple of notches. All I gotta do now is see if I’m able to integrate these ideas into my existing script. If I can, we all feel we’ll have a good chance of getting this project off the ground. (Remember: Having a director who’s totally passionate about a script goes a loooong way toward getting a project produced.) Of course, I won’t do any significant physical reworking of the script until somebody comes up with a bit of development money. After all, "No bucks, no Buck Rogers." But in the meantime, I'll rethink certain aspects of the script, see what I can come up with, make some notes, etc.

As always, we’ll see where this little adventure goes. Hopefully it goes far.

* * *

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