Just one reason WHY I LOVE MOVIES

For over 100 years, movies have given us many great, wonderful, memorable images. Here's just one of them (and notice how you don't have to have much, if any, dialogue to get your point across) ...

McQueen vs Dunaway

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A short film I made...

A few years ago my friend Robert and I made a short silent movie. (Well, not entirely silent: there's a fun musical track.) The movie's title is That Darn Bill and it's about 11 minutes in length. Here's a quick synopsis:

The 1920s silent short has been reborn in That Darn Bill, the frenzied tale of Marvin, a down-on-his-luck hobo who happens upon salvation in the form of a crisp $100 bill. But Marvin quickly discovers that finding salvation is one thing...and hanging onto it is another.

I think you'll get some chuckles out of it. At least I hope so. Click the link below to check it out...

PS: I play the role of "Marvin."

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Pen and Paper...

One of my readers recently wrote to me, asking: What’s your preferred manner of writing? Do you prefer writing entirely on a computer, or do you tend to favor pen and paper?

Virtually everything I write starts its life on a yellow legal pad. As I work my way through the handwritten manuscript, I’ll transpose to the computer. Every few scenes (or if I’m writing prose, every chapter or so) I’ll print a hard copy and go to work on revisions with a red pen. Then I’ll transpose those changes onto the computer. But I love working with paper and pen. It just feels more organic to me. I also feel it’s a good thing on a psychological level. Sometimes you need tangible proof that you’re getting the work done, which seems a bit more difficult when working entirely off a computer screen. But hey, do what's best for YOU. All that really matters is that you’re getting your scripts, novels or short stories completed. But for me, there's nothing quite as magical putting pen to paper.

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