Script-selling services: Yay or Nay?

It sickens me whenever I hear of a novice writer asking about script-selling services such as Scriptblaster and InkTip. I see these writers throwing away their hard-earned cash. Sorry, but this is not how you sell (or option) a screenplay. So, how DO you sell a screenplay? You do it by getting involved in the film community, meeting people face to face, impressing them with your intelligence and your writing talent. People in Hollywood (or whatever film hub you're targeting) want to work with people they know and like. Virtually all of the sales, options and assignments I've racked up over the years have been a direct result of PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. This, friends, is where you should put your time, energy, and money.

OK, I know, you don't live anywhere near Hollywood, right? So get on a plane and come visit for a week or two. (But don't come here until you've set up some meetings and/or some film-related events here in town.) Come here and meet people, schmooze, and strike up lively conversations. Yes, have some scripts and synopses on hand...just in case. But most of all: MAKE CONNECTIONS.

How did I sell my first screenplay? Good question and thanks for asking! Well, I had met this producer who was looking for thriller scripts. I sent him one. He liked it but it wasn't something he could sell at that time. He called me a year later, said he needed a script...and was I interested. Yes, I was. So I wrote it. Three weeks after I turned in my submission draft, he sold it to the prodco. Why did I get the gig? I got it because this producer knew me, liked me, and liked my writing. This...THIS…is how you launch a career and sell/option scripts.

Face to face connections and personal relationships. Remember that.


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