Only in Hollywood...

In a previous blog, I discussed the “creative vibe” I get from living in Los Angeles. Well, I was at one of my favorite Starbucks yesterday – which happens to be a stone’s thrown from three huge movie studios. I sat at my favorite table and got to work on a polish of a script I’m turning in this week. During the 90 minutes or so I was there, here’s who some of my neighbors were:

Two tables over, a gorgeous young lady was typing away on her laptop. She could have been an actress or a model. But no, I noticed she was working on a screenplay. I almost felt like going over and asking, “So, how ‘bout a collaboration?” Um, probably best that I didn’t.

(This reminds me of another gorgeous woman I sat next to a few weeks ago. Wow, what a knockout. Perfect hair and makeup, cute dress, high heels. She was diligently working on her laptop and gabbing on her cell phone. I figured she was just another actress. Nope, turns out she was…a stuntwoman. A stuntwoman?! Funny, I don’t recall ever working with a stunt person who looked like that!!)

At another table, a heavy-set guy was on his laptop, also working on a screenplay. He didn’t look so happy, so I stayed away from him.

Then there was a guy standing in line. He wore nice slacks and a button down dress shirt. He was on his cell phone, talking to someone about a production meeting he just came out of.

A thirty-something fella in shorts and t-shirt came in with his beautiful little daughter. He was also on his cell phone, talking to someone about CGI for a movie he was working on.

At the table right in front of me were two middle-aged women – who looked like they belonged on a Midwest bowling league – were talking about Soduko puzzles one minute; and the next minute, a screenplay one of them had recently read. Go figure.

At the table in front of me, actor Sam Anderson, from the TV show “Lost,” was talking with a woman about some behind-the-scenes dirt. I don’t dare repeat any of it here. By the way, I should point out that I don’t know who Mr. Anderson is and I’ve never seen “Lost.” I only know it was him because he kept talking about his show, then someone came up and said, “Hey, Sam!” I had to look him up on the Net to verify it was indeed him.

So, not a bad “creative vibe,” eh? The best part…with all this activity going on, I still managed to get most of that polish done on my script!

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