Meeting update... meeting the other day with the producers went well. I arrived a bit early and strolled around the back lot a bit. You know you’re dealing with an on-the-level producer when he actually has a bungalow on a studio lot. Love love love those back lots. Goodness knows I spent quite a bit of time on them during my 5 years working security at Universal and Warners. Anyway, I arrived at the producer’s office right on time. I’m always right on time. Always. The producer, I’ll call him Frank, gave me a quickie tour of the rather sprawling office. I also met some of the assistants and got a bottled water. Then I sat and chatted with Frank for a brief time, had some laughs. He told me he absolutely loved my script. I’ll tell ya, he really gushed over the script. It’s nice and flattering, but you gotta take this sort of thing with a grain of salt. Then the other producer showed up. I’ll call her Jenny. She’s the one who hired me to write the script in the first place. So the three of us talked our way through the script a bit. Frank wanted some clarification on a couple of scenes. He made suggestions for some tweaks. Some I agreed with, some I didn’t. But between the three of us, we came up with some good ideas. I’ll do a quick rewrite in the next couple weeks. Once that’s completed, Jenny suggested we do a read-through with some actors. We’ll do this to work out any additional kinks. Once that’s done, she wants to get the script out to potential investors, actors, and directors. When our meeting wrapped, Frank and Jenny were very excited about this project. I’m excited, too. What can I say – it’s a nifty script. With the right people on board, it could be a nifty little flick. I’ll keep ya posted.

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