Only in Hollywood...

Last night I’m with my buddy at this sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills. (I should point out that I am not a fan of raw fish. One or two pieces and that's pretty much it for me. But whatever.) So, we were sitting at the sushi bar, gabbing about all the usual stuff: movies, screenwriting, travel, the drop-dead gorgeous hostess who seated us. Then, just as we’re about to get up and leave, producer-director Ivan Reitman comes in and sits down right next to us. Sure, you know Ivan Reitman, the guy behind such films as Ghostbusters, Animal House, Stripes, and Dave. Now, what makes this story kinda sorta funny is this: mere minutes earlier, my buddy and I had been discussing the script for Distrubia, a nifty little thriller that came out earlier this year. Mr. Reitman just happened to be the executive producer on that film. Great, the executive producer of Disturbia (not to mention a few dozen other movies) sits down next to us...and we’re just about to walk out the door! Ohhhh, if only my friend had just one more glass of sake!

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