Scriptwriters Network member Jake James picked up a book the other day and here's the note I just received from him:

"Jim...Just want to drop a note saying I read, Q & A: The Working Screenwriter in one sitting (and that's rare for me...) and then a few hours later I read it through again. Both reads were enjoyable experiences (and I've bookmarked several pages for future reference). I especially like that fact that the writers you spoke with were not of the Shane Black or Joe Eszterhas fame level. It's important to represent Hollywood for what it is: a town of working stiffs. Sure, the "names" get the ink, but it's the working screenwriter who slugs it out, makes a tolerable living, and has a solid career. The lessons from Q & A: The Working Screenwriter are valuable and practical and underscore what it really takes to have a career in this business. Aspiring and established writers alike will pull something useful from your book. Thanks for sharing." -- Jake James

Thanks for the great review, Jake!

Q and A: The Working Screenwriter -- An In-the-Trenches Perspective of Writing Movies in Today's Film Industry available here!

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