Wow, it's already May??

Still in a holding pattern...

...with a few of my projects. I should find out any day now whether or not the prodco up in Canada will extend the option on my script. They've already had the script about three years. The last I heard, they were getting close to obtaining full financing. But ya never know how these things will work out. So we wait.

Web-series news...

We wrapped our final day of shooting earlier this week. Now it’s into the editing room to put it all together. I’m hoping we can roll out the first couple of episodes by the end of June. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

On a sad note...

Entertainer Danny Gans passed away early yesterday at the young age of 52.

For those of you unaware of who Mr. Gans was, he was an entertainer who has performed regularly in Las Vegas for several years.

My friend Craig and I had the great pleasure of seeing Mr. Gans perform last May 29th at the spectacular Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Let me tell you, I’m a guy who is very difficult to impress, but Mr. Gans sure impressed me. Wow, what a show. For 90 minutes, he tore up the stage with impersonations of just about any singer or dancer you can think of. His repartee with the audience was hilarious. No dirty jokes, no crass innuendo—this was clean, wholesome entertainment.

After returning to L.A. a couple days later, I couldn’t stop raving about Mr. Gans. I told everyone I knew, “When you go to Vegas, you gotta see this guy!”

But what I found so special about Mr. Gans—other than his extraordinary talent—was his humility. He stopped the show to tell the audience that he knew he was a very lucky man indeed. He had a fantastic wife and great kids, and a career that far surpassed anything he’d ever dreamed. He was also active in many charity organizations.

Yes, Danny Gans had a full life...and he will be greatly missed.

Here are some clips of Danny to enjoy!

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d.rey said...

Sad, sad news about Danny Gans. Fifty-two is too young to die and he'll be really missed by those who've had the pleasure (hilarious) of seeing him on stage.

Good luck with all the waiting for Godot you have to go through. I knock me 'eah against some trees for luck for the Canadian project.
Deborah -Imma's Girl