Dear Everybody:

My popular website is no more. Yup, I got tired of scraping together the ten bucks a year to keep it up and running. But...all that great material—no, really, ALL OF IT—can now be found here on Blogger. Yes, the former website is now a blog! (Sure, it makes a certain amount of sense...doesn’t it?) So, from this day forth, please feel free to visit The Working Screenwriter 2 (catchy name, eh?) at:

PS: Please help me get the word out. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell anyone and everyone who wants to write movie scripts!


Brian said...

Great site, Jim! A lot of great writing tips.

ORPHAN and DISTRICT 9 - best two movies of the summer. Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

I noticed in your intro to this post you used the words: "tell your enemies".
What do you mean by that?
Having hatred and enemies make one become very unlikable in a social circle. We all have enemies(nothing new here!!!!), but we must not become freinds with our enemies.
I think in your post you should take that out. Why tell our enemies. Just ignore them and make new friends and keep old friends.

Jim said...

I do see the point you're making, but I also think you're taking it a bit too seriously. Of course I was only jesting with the "tell your enemies" remark. But hey, if even my enemies ("Mr. Creepy," you out there?) want to read my blog and learn a little something, I'm fine with that. Thanks for the message, Anon. Always glad to have your input.

Brian said...

Remember what Michael Corleone said? Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.