Late 2010 update...

I'm recently back from a glorious, perfect week in NYC with my wonderful girlfriend. Even managed to get some good work done on my novel. As for the screenwriting game: I'm just waiting on a few things to pop. If they don't, they don't, but we'll see. Looking forward to 2011!

A few of you have told me how much you've enjoyed reading the Bukowski poems I've posted. Well, here's another one I happen to appreciate. Hope you do too!

the weak

are always proclaiming that
they are now going to concentrate
on their work, which is usually
painting or writing.
it is known, of course, that they have
talent, they simply haven’t…well…
they haven’t truly been given a
there were matters that got
in the way: bad affairs, children,
jobs, illness, etc.
but now, that’s all put aside, they
they are going to concentrate
on their work
they are finally going to do it
they have the talent.
now the world will see.
oh yes, it’s going to happen.

the proclaimers are everywhere.
they are always getting
they seldom begin.
and when they do
they quit easily.
it’s all a whim with
they want fame.
they want it quickly
but they really have no urge
to do their work
except for fame
and to proclaim,

-- charles bukowski


Todd said...

"I've always been used because I'm a good guy." -Buk

Some epic videos of him on YouTube.

-love the poem, lot a talkers... not a lot of doers. Thx Jim!

Ashley @ Selling Your Screenplay said...

Nice poem. I just watched a documentary on Bukowski last week. What a character.