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Dear Screenwriter…

Many of you long-time readers are fully aware of my book, Q&A: The Working Screenwriter. For those of you who are a bit newer to this blog, I’d like to offer an introduction to what many have called “highly recommended to any budding screenwriter,” “a very instructive yet entertaining read,” “filled with great insight and honesty,” “valuable and practical,” “a must-read,” “inspirational,” “a phenomenal book.” Here’s what David Trottier, author of The Screenwriter’s Bible, had to say in the book’s foreword:

"Screenwriting is not for the faint of heart. It is both arduous and challenging. That is one reason that crafting a movie script from start to finish is one of life's most sublime experiences. As you know, the writing process itself is its own reward. But to sell the script—now that's Nirvana. How do you do that? How do you write a movie that sells or finds you work?

Each writer approaches the process in his or her unique way. Each walks his or her own writing path. And yet, when you examine the experience of dozens of successful writers, you see patterns, and you see new ways of doing things that you know will improve your own unique style and chances for success.

This book, in its way, invites you to sit down in a comfortable room with over a dozen working writers. Just you and them. They give you answers to questions that perhaps have puzzled you for months or years. Straight answers. Honest answers. And you get their view of writing and selling issues that are important to you. You partake of their wisdom. In some cases, you might even disagree with them.

That's one reason I enjoyed reading Q&A: The Working Screenwriter. The content became a discussion in my mind. Years ago when I began my own writing career, it was a book of interviews that inspired me the most. I felt as though established writers were talking to me and giving me their personal advice. I learned from them and improved my craft.

The same was true when I read these interviews. Yes, I benefited from the answers to questions, but I also gained from what was said in the process of answering those questions. For that reason, I recommend you read this book from cover to cover with an openness that invites what you need to settle into your mind and resonate there. Sometimes it's the subtext or an off-handed comment that presents that golden insight that will help you the most." — Dave Trottier, Author, The Screenwriter’s Bible

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Q&A: The Working Screenwriter, you can do so by visiting any of the fine booksellers below.

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If you want to stir your creative juices, bolster your confidence, and gain a better understanding of what it takes to become a working screenwriter in today’s film industry, you’ll find Q&A: The Working Screenwriter essential reading!


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