Rod Serling, Writer

I recently finished reading As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling," Anne Serling's wonderful memoir of her father, who sadly passed away in 1975 at the young age of fifty. I'm sure many of you know Mr. Serling from TV's The Twilight Zone (he introduced all 156 episodes, wrote 92 of them) , but he was far more accomplished than that. He was a screenwriter, novelist, playwright, and teacher. He was also a fine man and a wonderful father to his two girls. There's a wealth of interesting and insightful Serling-related material on YouTube, including interviews and documentaries. I urge those of you not familiar with Mr. Serling to explore these videos and discover the myriad contributions this talented man made to the film and television industries.

Just a few videos to check out:

Rod Serling on Writing, Part 1
Rod Serling on Writing, Part 2
Rod Serling on Writing, Part 3
American Masters documentary
My favorite episode of The Twilight Zone

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