How to get your scripts seen if you live 1000 miles from Hollywood...

On one of the screenwriting forums I frequent, one budding scribe who was fed up with the script comp route, asked, "How you get your work seen/sold if you live 1000 miles from Hollywood?" I dashed out a quick, brief response that he actually found helpful. Maybe you will too.

It's tough, but with technology these days, it's a heck of a lot easier than it was 20 years ago. Again, it starts with a GREAT script; a script that is marketable and worthy of being made into a movie. Then you'll need a great pitch, a great query. Not good--GREAT. Then you need to send those queries producers, to agents, to managers. Not a dozen or two dozen, but 100+. Remember, this is a numbers game. If you send, say, 150 queries, you'd be doing pretty good if you got 10 responses: "Yes, send me your script!" or "Feel free to call me!" This is how it starts. Not easy, but that's how it is. Hopefully you can make some good connections this way. If you do, come out to Los Angeles for a few days (assuming the connections are in L.A., of course) and start meeting people, have meetings, take 'em to lunch. Again, not easy, but this is how it works. Getting back to script competitions: If you must enter any of them, enter one or more of the top 5 (Nicholl, etc.). If you can win or place high, you can get some notice...and this could lead to some very good things. Again, it's a numbers game: the more you do and the more you put yourself--and your GREAT scripts--out there, the better your chances of success. Hope this has been helpful. Good luck!


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