Book Review: Trent Nordhoff's Wild Roller Coaster Ride Through Hollywood!

(Reader Scott Izen with his copy of Luigi's Chinese Delicatessen)

Amazon review of Luigi's Chinese Delicatessen
A Novel About Hollywood by Jim Vines

"Jim Vines has effectively captured the essence of stereotypical Hollywood and slipped it between the sheets of an enjoyable and fast read....Here the trusty and otherwise intelligent protagonist, Trent, arrives in town as yet another doe-eyed wannabe who believes anything from the mouths of people who really know nothing, whose passion becomes fraught with empty promises, lies and downright theft. What he doesn't know indeed hurts him, which leaves him hardened but not any smarter. Such is often the case in cinema, though Vines effectively smooths out the bouts of mental turbulence that nonfictional reality can dish out, i.e., there’s no shortage of people looking to steal your work, who not only profit from it, but take credit for it as well. At least he (Trent) gets laid from time to time, graphically but tastefully described in an NC-17 sort of way. Lucky bastard! That said, this novel mainly supports a seedier notion that success is limited to the wonts of insensitive agents, flashy producers and eccentric directors versus honest collaboration and hard work by scores of creative and talented minds—assuming, of course, you're not the writer." — 4-Star Amazon review by Books Worth Buying

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