Tag, I'm it! (Yawn.)

My screenwriter buddy Matt Hader (goasa.blogspot.com) tapped me on the shoulder in a game of Internet tag. Now I have to come up with five things you don’t know about me. Um, sure, I’ll play along. Here they are…

1). I have an intense aversion to needles, knives, razors, swords -- anything that can stab or cut me. Ugh.

2). Little House on the Prairie is my all-time favorite dramatic TV show. Man, I sure do miss Michael Landon.

3). I love to walk. I used to walk from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and back again (a 15-mile round trip) just for the fun of it.

4). I’ve never taken a drug stronger than Aspirin, and the total amount of alcohol I’ve ingested in my lifetime could fill a thermos. (No, it's not some nutty religious thing. I've just never had the need or desire to take drugs or get drunk.)

5). I never use foul language in my everyday conversation. Friends are fairly shocked when they read the F-word in one of my scripts.

Just for the heck of it, here’s one more…

6). I dislike sports. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch five minutes of any sporting event.

There ya go, Matt. I’d tag somebody else, but a). I don’t know anybody else, and b). I can’t let this silliness continue. I just can’t.

1 comment:

Matt Hader said...

Thanks for playing along, Jim.

(Note - I didn't invent the "tag" thing...just being a good sport)