Words of warning for the novice (and not-so-novice) screenwriter...

I post warnings like this on various websites every so often. In fact, earlier today I posted this particular warning on one of the screenwriting forums. I figured I'd post it here, too. So...

A writer just contacted me and asked if I knew anything about a particular literary agency. Yes, I heard about this so-called agency. Many of us have. It’s the one that charges you a fee for having them rep you. They’ll contact you and say, “Oh, we really love your script and we think we can get it into the hands of the right producer, but we need you to send us $300 to get the ball rolling.”


It really sickens me that unsuspecting writers are still falling for this scam. Here’s the rule:

If an agency or management company tries to charge you any fee whatsoever, avoid them like the plague. I don’t care if they tell you the fee is to cover script copying or costs of making telephone calls. They’re ripping you off.

Legitimize lit agents make their percentage when they sell your work or secure your employment.

You have been warned. Don’t become a victim.

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