I'm writing this from San Salvador, El Salvador.

The plan was for me to come down here later in the week, but things never happen quite the way they're supposed to. No problem, I'm pretty flexible.

So I get a call from my manager around 5:00 last night, "Can you leave tomorrow?" I told her I could. She said she'd call me back.

A few minutes later she called back and asked, "Can you leave TONIGHT?" I told her yes, but it'd have to be late in the evening.

She booked a red-eye flight that was scheduled to leave around midnight.

So I hustled home, threw some things in a bag, kissed my wonderful girlfriend goodbye, and raced to the airport.

I got my ticket and through security in, oh, about ten minutes. Then I spent a bit of quality time in the "exclusive" lounge they have available four Business-class travelers.

I eventually got to the boarding area. I soon found out the plane would be delayed. Whatever.

Once I was on the plane there was yet another delay. We didn't actually get off the ground until close to 2:00AM. It's only about a 4-hour flight and they're an hour ahead of the L.A. time-zone, so I landed in San Salvador around 7:00AM.

I was picked up by a gentleman in a Porsche and made a swift (really swift) journey to my hotel.

After a brief rest period, I was taken to a private golf club where I had lunch with some of people involved with the project. Then I spent the day interviewing the subject of the film. He's a warm and fascinating man and I've enjoyed talking with him.

I'm supposed to be here another week or so. They tell me I'll be seeing some gorgeous locations in the next few days, so I'm really looking forward to that.

It's fairly amazing how quickly this has all come together. Less than three weeks! But my reps and a group of enthused producers have made it work. If only all movie projects could be like this!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

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mark said...

Spent some time catching up on news today Jim and am smiling wide that things are moving along well of late. Quite a interesting few weeks you've had!! I'll keep all fingers and toes crossed they continue on!! Congrats! (He says with smirking jealousy)

Loved the parenthetical blog! (wryly smiling) and the scriptland piece was plain ole butt funny! Christ, that's a movie in and of itself!!

Cheers on your travels but for the love of God DO NOT drink the water!!! :)