Update #1:

Last week I received payment on a one-year option extension for one of my scripts. This script has been in the hands of these particular producers for a couple of years now.

Believe me, this been a real roller-coaster ride. For a few months things looked really good, then the next few months things looked dismal. A few months up, a few months down—ugh, I was getting nauseous! In recent months the producers were doubtful they’d ever go forward with the project.

But recently, things turned around. Though it won’t actually happen until next year, the producers now feel very confident they’ll get the project off the ground and into production.

Based on what was paid for the option extension (not exactly a paltry sum for a low budget project), it seems they have quite a bit of faith that this will actually happen.

Gosh, I sure hope so. I’ll keep ya posted.

Update #2:

Today I turned in the first draft of the script that sent me down to El Salvador three months ago.
Not including the six days I spent in El Salvador doing research, it took approximately five weeks for the outline, about a week for the treatment (which was sent to producers for approval), and 22 days for this first draft. I now await notes from producers.

I really enjoyed writing this script. I think it’s a fun story with a nice message.

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Susan P. said...

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere on your blog, however, do you always use treatments to garner options and not full scripts?