Ya never know who'll you'll meet...

I did another round of barhopping with my friend Craig last night. We were at a cool little spot in Beverly Hills, chatting away with the bartender/budding actor, when a gentleman plopped down onto the seat next to mine. He got himself involved in our high-spirited, somewhat geeky conversation about which actor portrayed the best James Bond. (By the way...though Daniel Craig is doing a fine job, James Bond will forever be Sean Connery. Don’t even try arguing with me about it.) Our new bar buddy, whose name is Darren Howell, was from England, was a screenwriter...and had just sold his first feature screenplay to Summit Entertainment. He was in town having meetings with producers, directors, and agents. Darren sat with us for more than an hour, discussing movies and, of course, the crazy/exciting world of professional screenwriting. He had a very interesting POV of being a UK writer selling to Hollywood, so I asked him if he’d like to be interviewed for this blog. He seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. Darren heads back to England this weekend, so I plan to conduct his interview shortly thereafter. Stay tuned.

Variety blurb about Darren’s script sale:

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