Share YOUR success stories!

Wow, I can’t believe 2008 is nearly history. I’m happy to report that I’ve had some nice successes and advancements this year. Some of them I’ve shared with you in this blog. I expect further success in 2009.

Now I’d like to hear from YOU.

I’d like to hear about any successes, big or small, that you’ve had in the past year. It could be a screenplay you’ve had great coverage on. It could be an option deal or perhaps even a sale. Maybe you’ve had a movie, big or small, produced. Maybe a Web series you penned was, or soon will be, posted to the Net. Maybe you signed with a manager or agent. If any of these successes apply to you, share ‘em with me and your fellow Working Screenwriter blog readers.

Why share, you ask? Well, because I think it’s important for all budding screenwriters to know that a modicum of success in this crazy business is definitely possible to those talented individuals willing to work for it. Sharing your success might provide a glimmer hope to other writers still waiting for their break. Besides, I bet you’re more than willing to brag just a little bit. (It’s OK, you deserve it. )

So e-mail me a quick summary of your success to theworkingscreenwriter(at) and I’ll follow up with a brief written interview. (If you prefer, I won’t use your real name when I post your interview here on the blog.)

C’mon, claim your bragging rights—let’s hear from you!

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