The Web-series...

We held the auditions for the Web-series last week. It went really well. We had some talented people come in and read. Sad to say, there were a lot of not-so-talented people too. But I think we’ve found our main cast and I’m pretty excited with who we’ve chosen. Our director is planning a table-read with the actors in a couple weeks. If all goes well, we should be shooting by mid-February. I’ll keep you posted.

R.I.P. VHS...

I just read a rather sad story in the L.A. Times. It was about the demise of the VHS tape. Yes, it’s finally happened. But it had a good run – 30 years. I remember the very first VHS tape I purchased. It was in 1978 (or maybe it was 1979). It was a copy of my second all-time favorite movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The cost was rather high, especially for the late 70s, and especially for a teenage kid: $50.00. But the idea that I could get my favorite movies on tape and play them at home...? Whoa, that was pretty cool! Sure, I still occasionally watch stuff on VHS, but I’m a confirmed DVD guy. I guess Blue-ray is hot on DVDs tail and is becoming the new trend, but I’m sure they’ll find a replacement for that in a few years. Anyway, here’s the article from the L.A. Times:,0,5604036.story


Well, Christmastime is here. Here’s a little gift from me:

(David Bowie meets Bing Crosby)

(Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You)

(A Charlie Brown Christmas)

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