Web-series News, “Hey, Where’d My Thriller Go?” & “Mr. Creepy”


We had another round of auditions last week. Our director called for them after determining the two candidates for male lead, auditioned a few weeks ago, simply weren’t right. (There was one actor the director liked quite a bit, and one actor I thought would be pretty terrific. Alas, after further consideration, it was deemed that neither were “the one.”) We saw approximately 25 actors in 4 hours...and when all was said and done, we were confident that we’d found the right actor for the job. We’re assembling our cast for a table-read next week; then, if all goes well (and if none of the actors jump ship), we’ll begin pre-production soon after. The plan is to shoot our first (hopefully not last) episodes in mid-February.


So, I stopped by my manager’s office the other day to pick up a check. (Yay, money!!) We also played catch-up after a bit of down time during the holidays. One of the things I inquired about was my thriller project that’s supposed to be in the works up in Canada. I asked if she’d heard anything from the producers. She said she’d sent them an e-mail a month or so ago but didn’t hear anything back. Then she added, “But it (the project) is posted on their Website (categorized under “in development”).”

So when I got home later that night, I went online and checked out the prodco’s site. My project’s title was nowhere to be found. Huh? So I shot off an e-mail to my manager: “Contact the producers in Canada – find out what’s going on.” The following day I get a voice-mail from my manager (paraphrased here): “Heard back from Canada. They’re still waiting on financing to come through.” Now, I’m not entirely certain what this means...or even how accurate it is. From what I understood based on communications months ago, the Canadian producers had a three-picture deal in place, and MY project was one of them. The rather generous option extension fee I was paid at the time told me they were confident my script would go before a camera within a year’s time. Since that option expires in roughly four months, I’d assume they’d be a little further along that merely “still waiting on financing.”

Well, whatever. Hopefully this will all come together soon and everything’ll be on track. If not...well, it’ll be yet another gut-wrenching dip in the roller-coaster ride known as writing movies.

I’ll keep you posted.


They say you’re nobody until somebody is out to get you. Well, it looks like I’ve finally become somebody cuz I’ve got some highly unstable gentleman trying to drag me into his own personal Hell. I won’t go into any great detail about all this, but here’s the gist:

“Mr. Creepy,” as I like to call him, contacted me several months ago, asking if I’d read his script, then, if I liked what I read, help him get it out to any producers I might know. I told him I’d be happy to read his first ten pages. If I like what I was reading, I’d definitely read the rest of the script—and yes, I’d be happy to pass the script forward to any film-types that might be interested. Well, I read those first ten pages.

In a word: dreadful.

So I wrote up a page or two of notes, explaining to Mr. Creepy how his descriptions weren’t at all cinematic/interesting, his dialogue was on-the-nose/flat/unrealistic, and how none of it seemed at all interesting or compelling. Creepy took umbrage to these notes and BLEW HIS STACK. Not only did he send me a blazingly angry missive, but a warning not to steal his script idea. If I did, there’d be a lawsuit. And oh, I shouldn’t even try contacting him because he’s putting my e-mail on his ignore list.

I’ve done north of 100 critiques in recent years. I’ve had maybe three people get a little bent out of shape with the notes I’ve sent them (they just couldn’t accept my blatant honesty), but I’ve never, never, never had anyone go as nutty as this fella.

But wait, it gets better.

Creepy also has a habit of posting videos of himself on the Net where he whines about how nobody understands him, how nobody is willing to give him a chance, and how “Jim Vines is out to destroy me.” I didn’t even know about these video-blogs—especially the tirade against ME—until an acquaintance of mine brought it to my attention. At first I was a tad bit flabbergasted, but then I could barely control the laughter. I mean, this guy went on and on with this nonsense about yours truly for several minutes (not to mention a flurry of other videos he’s got posted, all venting dramatically about his rather dismal existence)! I won’t even discuss the odd fascination/crush he professes to have for the teenage pop star Miley Cyrus. But hey, this is why I lovingly call him Mr. Creepy. He really is. Anyway...

I nearly forgot about ol’ Creepy until I got an e-mail from the aforementioned acquaintance just a few days ago: “He’s at it again.” Sure enough, all these months later, the guy is still on the war path, still trying to bash me, and still making completely manufactured accusations against me. The guy is downright scary. But...

I feel bad for him. I do. He’s a sad, troubled man and is in need of psychiatric help. I hope he gets it, and I hope he can find some peace of mind. (And no, don’t ask me to post links to Mr. Creepy’s videos. He doesn’t deserve that sort of attention. He really doesn’t.) Moving on...


Anonymous said...


That's a s pretty twisted situation. I checked out mr creepy's video on youtube, and it's mind boggling.


James said...

OMG. Youtube this!!!

How do people like this exist?!

Give him his own crazy show. OMG! I'd so watch him go around harassing people. He's like a homeless, scary Jon Lovitz~

Malmood Allmyfingerjab said...

I saw it too. Freaking hilarious. Is there a name for a condition like this? Because if there was I guarantee you could trademark it and sell tickets.