Pen and Paper...

One of my readers recently wrote to me, asking: What’s your preferred manner of writing? Do you prefer writing entirely on a computer, or do you tend to favor pen and paper?

Virtually everything I write starts its life on a yellow legal pad. As I work my way through the handwritten manuscript, I’ll transpose to the computer. Every few scenes (or if I’m writing prose, every chapter or so) I’ll print a hard copy and go to work on revisions with a red pen. Then I’ll transpose those changes onto the computer. But I love working with paper and pen. It just feels more organic to me. I also feel it’s a good thing on a psychological level. Sometimes you need tangible proof that you’re getting the work done, which seems a bit more difficult when working entirely off a computer screen. But hey, do what's best for YOU. All that really matters is that you’re getting your scripts, novels or short stories completed. But for me, there's nothing quite as magical putting pen to paper.

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Sienna Bloom said...

I use almost the same techniques. I prefer spiral notebooks and I don't print out for editing, I compile off Scrivener to mobi and read it on my Kindle, editing on my computer as I go.