Careful what you say!

For about the last year or so I’ve been receiving foreign royalty payments from the WGA (for a movie I worked on once upon a time). These checks started off for relatively substantial amounts, but the amounts have grown smaller and smaller with each subsequent check. In recent months I’ve been laughing at how small the amounts have become. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take anything they want to send!) The last check I got was so minuscule I actually wanted to have it framed. I even joked to a friend, “Pretty soon I’ll be owing them money!” Well, today I got a letter from the WGA. It seems they’ve overpaid me by X amount. Now, there are two ways for them to get their money back: they can deduct the amount I owe from future disbursements to me, or I can send them a check for the full amount. Boy, if it wasn't so ridiculously funny, I’d be cryin’!

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