Ya gotta get the work done...

Every once in a while someone will ask me, “How often do you write?” Well, just so happens I got asked that same question again today. My answer: “Pretty much every day of the week.” Yup, I’m a big proponent of parking myself virtually every day and getting something done. No, it doesn’t have to be actual script pages, but it has to be something that gets me closer to my goal of completing another script. I could be jotting down notes…perhaps merely organizing notes…writing up and/or organizing 3x5 index cards…maybe taking another pass at an outline (either partially or fully). But every day I get something done. As to how long I work…it depends. If I’m writing a first draft, I can work for 2 to 6 hours a day. If I’m rewriting, I’m looking at maybe 2 to 4 hours a day. Then there are days when I can get in only thirty minutes to an hour of actual writing/rewriting done. I’m a fairly quick writer, so an hour here and an hour there gets it done. But I do this 5 to 7 days a week. It’s important for me to build momentum and not let up. Too much slack can kill.

Another question I’m often asked is, “Where do you write?” Well, just about anywhere works for me. I've written on the beach, on cruise ships, on planes, in restaurants, greasy spoon diners, cheap motel rooms (when I’m traveling alone), expensive hotel rooms (when I’m traveling with a friend), rest stops along deserted highways, a cheap dive in Utah, in the dark corner of a movie studio back lot…anywhere! But my preference would be any coffee house (Starbucks!) or plush hotel lobby. Sure, I can (and do) work at home, but I’m far more inspired and energized if I’m out of my day-to-day environment and surround by life.

In case you were wondering...no, I don’t look at these daily writing sessions as work. Not really. I actually look forward to the time I spend writing. The clean sheet of paper and blank computer screen are very exciting things for me. In them exists a world of possibilities! Just give me my favorite Starbucks beverage, a pen and a legal pad, and I’m a deliriously happy fella!

So, as I told this budding writer today: “Find your creative/inspirational comfort zone and put in the time. Get the work done.” Once more for those of you not paying attention: Get the work done.

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