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I want to take a moment to send a big thanks to those of you who have purchased my book, Q & A: The Working Screenwriter. Based on your e-mails to me, it seems the book has been not only a good look into the mind of a working screenwriter, but also a source of great inspiration. Music to my ears, believe me! I’d like to share an e-mail I received just a few days ago (reprinted with permission):

Dear Mr. Vines,
I have just finished reading your book....I am 52 years old and long ago gave up the idea that I could possibly write for the movies....You have given me hope that I could perhaps achieve that dream....I have decided to once again tackle two scripts I wrote some years ago. I think they could sell, given the time and effort of some solid rewriting, of course....As you wrote in your book “Live your dreams"....perhaps now I can finally accomplish that....

Howard M.

Thanks so much, Howard, you made my day! Now get to work on those scripts!

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